FLERTEX friction materials are fitted to a wide range of railway applications from trams and metros to high speed trains.

Representing the largest part of our business, the railway products can be divided into two categories:

Disc Brake Pads:

Flertex enjoys a large number of national and international approvals for its railway disc brake pads including the UIC 541-3 approved Flertex 666.
Aware of the market changes and advancement in rail technology, FLERTEX continues to develop more advanced products that are environmental friendly and offer attractive “Life Cycle Cost”.

Brake Shoes:

FLERTEX has a range of brake shoes for both rail passenger and freight applications which are fitted to metro vehicles as well as high speed trains such as TGV..
The product portfolio covers type K, type L as well as LL brake shoes in majority of shapes such as the UIC and the AAR.
We are continually working to develop new products through innovative approaches to meet the needs of our customers.

The list of products shown on this site is not exhaustive.
Please contact our sales department for any special request.



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